100 Billion Plastic Bags Saved from Landfills in China


In 2008, China applied a brand new legislation forcing grocers to promote plastic luggage to buyers. While the legislation was not often enforced, the ban nonetheless saved practically a hundred billion plastic luggage from Chinese dumps and landfills. Meanwhile, again within the USA, California, referred to as one of the vital environmentally pleasant states within the Union, voted towards an analogous ban in 2010.

Posted on 2016年8月27日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. WarMasterX6
    2016年8月26日 at pm11:42 · Reply

    Ok plastic does last a long time but NOTHING lasts forever XD everything breaks down. Sure its great cause in our lifetime it will cause natural problems but realistically they do break apart eventually

  2. rippinsteo
    2016年8月26日 at pm11:42 · Reply

    If you decide to use non-plastic, re-usable bags, make sure you clean them with the intent to dis-infect them on a regular basis. Nasty bacterial counts in re-usable bags that are not appropriately cleaned regularly can be off the charts…

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