air pillow packaging/packing

air pillow packaging provide a durable block and brace product and a reliable cushioning material for light to medium weight products. The lightweight properties of the air pillows reduce shipping costs and because the air cushions are produced on demand they require minimal storage space.

Our range of void fill machines have been engineered to work for prolonged periods of time at high speeds and are amongst the most reliable in the industry. …

Reliable: constant film quality from the company‘s own production facilities
Diverse: there is an air cushion type for every application
Economical: Reduction in raw materials due to multi-layer CO extrusion
Durable: excellent mechanical properties
Saves space: on-demand system for minimal storage
Integrates: compact, user-friendly devices for key packing areas
Practical disposal: one step and all that remains is the empty film..

some air pillow packaging/packing demos from previous customers

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