A powerful automatic packaging machine with clip closing capability is suitable for sliced, whole or half loaf bagging. Ipeka has been manufacturing packaging machines for bakeries since the 70s and automatic MasterSlicer slicing lines for over 20 years. In our Loafmaster packaging machine, we have combined the best practice technical solutions for the latest advances in control technology. We are pleased to now offer a com……plete solution for automatic bread slicing and packaging. The Loafmaster’s maximum capacity is 50 bags per minute, with the optimal speed depending on the packaged products.

Posted on 2016年8月27日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. Jonathan Yao
    2016年8月27日 at am11:09 · Reply

    Can this be modified to bag ice cream cones for retail? about 600 tubes and hour or more? maybe with a speed setting? but instead of clipping the bag, it must be sealed. and it should be delicate not to break the ice cream cones.

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