How to melt recycle plastic grocery bags


I was requested how to melt plastic grocery bags. So I tried it out and I should say for a primary attempt it wasn’t dangerous. I will provide you with higher methods to do it however for probably the most half it was a hit. I have concepts for furture undertaking to do different issues in melting plastic grocery bags.

Posted on 2016年9月12日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. Sislertx
    2016年9月11日 at pm2:59 · Reply

    there's s kid in Africa thst adds.sand and makes pavers. add sand and see what happens. let us know.

  2. Angela Nardi
    2016年9月11日 at pm2:59 · Reply

    I notice u ride. I made myself a thin block out of hdpe shopping bags which I keep on my 800 boulevard to put under my kickstand in sandy or grassy soil. I tried the fold up technique myself and also found it shrunk quite a bit. What I ended up doing was to twist the bags up and then tie each bag into a knot, then used a cheap loaf tin from the dollar shop & kept adding them in as the melted down & then used a wooden press and clamped the crap outta it. Worked a treat n tuff as nails 😀

  3. Dean Walcott
    2016年9月11日 at pm2:59 · Reply

    i found that if you knead and mix up the melted plastic bags while melted with silicon heat proof gloves before clamping it in a mold it completely removes air bubbles and makes it much more consistent

  4. M Wing
    2016年9月11日 at pm2:59 · Reply

    Well I'll be a son-of-a! It does work! Now..I did notice that you checked for the 'hdpe' marks so yea….that should have worked as expected. Still think if you could add some weights to the top bowl it will spread out and be flatter. Wonder what would happen if yall tried those bags that are not hdpe cause there sure are a whole bunch of them floating around. I hope this idea really catches on and people start reusing their plastics this way. Combining atoms like this makes for an un-natural product and the earth has a real hard time taking it back. Thanks Cracker! :O)

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