How to pack a fragile item with Air cushion column?


Air cushion column is a sort of cushion packaging which is product of a lot of particular person air columns. It can seal bag and lock air mechanically after filling air, so it is going to shield objects successfully by via round objects. It is extensively utilized in packaging these days for fragile item and changing into probably the most economical and environmental cushion packaging supplies.

This is SGS move item. No scent No Poison.

Posted on 2016年9月8日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. brandon cummins
    2016年8月27日 at am11:57 · Reply

    Is it possible to put the inflatable Column inside your own pants blownup all the way if so please test it for me and send me pic to prove to me it can be done and please email me the pics at [email protected] please if you don't mind please my son has seizures if he doesn't see the pics he will have them and die immediately he will!! Please if you don't mind please email me the pics please do you want my son to suffer for not getting his pics and die immediately after it do you HE NEEDS THESE PICS

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