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Here is a secret for folks focused on price range long run meals storage. Your common soda bottle is meals grade plastic and can be utilized together with oxygen absorbers to retailer meals long run. No want for Mylar luggage and meals grade buckets. You can put meals instantly into recycled soda bottles and they’re going to keep secure. Don’t consider me? test it out on the LDS cannery web site. They have quite a lot of data that explains why soda bottles are protected to retailer meals in.

Posted on 2016年9月8日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. Battaniya 123
    2016年8月26日 at pm10:34 · Reply

    I agree with M. Lansing – the only "safe" plastic bottle is one with a #2 pressed into it, usually on the bottom of the bottle, for food storage, and over time even those will leach chems into the food stored inside. Unopened water bottles will leach chemicals into the water over time when exposed to warm temps. I stored dry foods in the larger milk containers, but for no longer than two months while waiting for the mylar bags. You can, in most places, go to the bakery section at the groc. store and they will give you the food grade plastic buckets with the sealable lids, for free. They give them to you with a lot of frosting still inside so you have to clean them yourself, and use bleach, then rinse and dry. As far as the oxygen absorbers, you don't need those if you use diatomaceous earth (food grade). You can order it online, or buy it at the local livestock feed store, just be sure its food grade. Non-food grade (for use in pool cleaning…), has blue specks in it, food grade is a pure greyish white fine fine fine powder. Don't breathe it in. Fill a bucket or bottle partway, add about a Tablespoon of D. earth, shake it up to coat everything, fill, shake again…til food is coated. It kills any vermin that is naturally in everything we buy, and keeps the food (i.e. rice), from turning rancid. Simply filling the bottle to the very top of the lid will do most of preventing oxygen spoilage. BTW store white rice not brown. Brown has more oils and turns rancid quicker, and also has higher levels of arsenic in it. If you do use heavy duty, #2 plastic, milk jugs, be sure to rinse first when cleaning the jug (or any container that had dairy in it), with COLD water, before washing with soap and warm or hot water. This keeps bacteria from the milk from baking onto the plastic, which can cause scours (severe diarrhea). I prefer to still line the buckets with mylar as its a secondary safety for keeping the food dry and uncontaminated. You can reseal them over and over again, keeping moisture and bugs out and preventing spillage. When you cook the food, i.e. rice, the Dio.E. washes off. And if you do consume it, it's not only safe to eat, some people eat a teasp. of it a day to keep their digestive system cleaned of parasites. It's an effective way to kill some types of worm infestation. I use it in my dogs food, feed it to my chickens, put it down for them to have a dust bath in, and drink a glass w. 1 tsp in it once a week. Its sprinkled on my garden to kill pests organically and safely, I dust it on my dogs to kill fleas and ticks, and leave it in the cooking water when I cook rice, oats…..Its made of diatoms – interesting to read up on it. Great stuff. Especially if using plastic bottles to store food. The Dio.E. costs about $18 for a 10 lb. bag – trust me a little bit goes a LONG way! Shop around. My apologies for this turning into a novel!  

  2. invertedlow
    2016年8月26日 at pm10:34 · Reply

    It means nieither of those things. It just means that it is made of Polyethylene terephthalate. The fact that it had food in it is indicitive of the fact that it is probably food grade. If you don't learn what you're teaching before attempting to teach, you only show laziness to learn and arrogant stupidity.

  3. Dennis
    2016年8月26日 at pm10:34 · Reply

    Nice one and hello from uk

  4. susanlbk
    2016年8月26日 at pm10:34 · Reply

    Thank you!!! I never thought of this!!! I want to put away for 12 people and this will be a great money saver!!

  5. HardTimesMarine D
    2016年8月26日 at pm10:34 · Reply

    can also use wax to help get a air tight seal around the lids. just like WHISKEY 🙂
     or use tape and tape the ring to help get a longer lasting seal. electrical tape is awesome. can last a long time. and then dip it in wax :)

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