Make Rope from Plastic Bags 


This video demonstrates a easy technique for changing your used plastic bags into rope. It requires solely bags and a working set of arms.

It’s a straightforward method to reuse plastic bags – like those you get on the grocery retailer.

Posted on 2016年9月12日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. EliteGeeks
    2016年9月11日 at pm4:41 · Reply

    but my toes are not as nimble as yours… I cannot do this, please help!!  /sarc

  2. phookadude
    2016年9月11日 at pm4:41 · Reply

    Rather than top to bottom you should attach them side to side, the handles are a weak point.

  3. Le Fromager
    2016年9月11日 at pm4:41 · Reply

    Mr Bean?

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