Packing Peanuts vs Air Pillows vs Packing Paper – Which Is The Best


Which packaging materials do you favor? Most individuals assume that paper is one of the best, however is it? What about packaging pillow? Are packing peanuts cheaper?

There are a variety of questions on which packaging materials is the most effective and for me it’s air pillows.

Posted on 2016年9月8日 in Plastic Bags and Packaging Manufacturing

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  1. Kilo So Moto
    2016年9月8日 at pm9:31 · Reply

    Omg what an investment ✌🏾️I definitely wish I had the 1,500$ to purchase that baby!!! Gotta get my money up sir!

  2. Vegetarianj16
    2016年9月8日 at pm9:31 · Reply

    I like your videos because they are informative and you seem very kind and genuine.

  3. Tweet WordPress
    2016年9月8日 at pm9:31 · Reply

    I bubble wrap every item but never used air pillows because I would get recycled ones that maybe one or two would be deflated. I see now that I should have made the investment in the filled air pillows last year. Never considered that the packing peanuts would fly around because I pack in a walk in closet. 

  4. dechinta
    2016年9月8日 at pm9:31 · Reply

    I use Wal-Mart bags for packing a lot.  Also, I will take magazines and rather than throw them out, I will shred them and put the shreddings in Wal-Mart bags very loosely.  That way, the shredded stuff doesn't go all over the item or the customer's house (I tie up the bag,) and I can form the bag around the item.  I can also do that with recycled packing peanuts that come in something I may have ordered or some of my friends may donate packing peanuts to me, knowing that I do Ebay and always need packing materials.  They also donate bubble wrap to me.  I only use it if it is clean and I will cut it to a perfect square or rectangle so that it doesn't look used.  But again, the packing peanuts in a tied up Wal-Mart bag can be shaped around the item, which provide protection, yet avoids getting packing peanuts in their home.

    Another thing I like to use as shipping is those long foam noodles that are used for swimming pools for the kids to ride or hold onto when they are swimming.  They usually only $1, BUT I wait until after summertime is over and the Dollar stores have them on clearance for about 10¢.  These are awesome for mailing with coffee mugs.  I can cut them in two or fourths or even cut them in rings to put on top of something like if a candy dish has a little round top. 

    Once, when starting out on Ebay, way back in 1998 or so, I had nothing to use for packing and I used t-shirts which added weight, but it kept my item steady and secure and gave my customers a free t-shirt.

    I have a rubber stamp with the ecology logo and the words "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" so they assume I am recycling if they get the freebie stuff in with an item too.

  5. Michael Wallace
    2016年9月8日 at pm9:31 · Reply

    Speaking of saving money. Why would you buy already inflated air pillows at a higher price if you own a machine? You could make them and bring them home with you to have on hand.

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