vacuum pouches/rolls


Our 2/3 /4 side seal vacuum bags are engineered using 5-7 multi layer coextruded films by using combinations of Nylon (PA) and Polythene (PE). This gives them a high moisture and oxygen barrier and so are ideal for extending shelf life of products.


Our pouch range can also be used for boil in the bag, hot fill (upto 90ºC), pasteurisation, chilled and frozen applications.our pouch has been engineered to have superior puncture resistance and is suitable for products with sharp edges such as bone in meat / ribs, bone in chicken, mussels, shellfish and pistachios etc.


Vacuum packaging is widely used in the food industry. Because the gases in vacuum packaging are fully withdrawn, vacuum bags are maintained in a highly reduced low pressure state. Microorganisms can hardly survive in such low-oxygen conditions, so food in vacuum pouches can keep fresh. Low-oxygen conditions can also keep food from oxidation.


As we know, the unsaturated fatty acid in food can be oxidized easily – which will ruin the flavour, make the taste worse, and cause food to go bad. What’s worse, oxygen can destroy vitamin A and vitamin C, making the food color fade. In order to keep food fresh, nutricious and beautiful, more and more manufacuturers are choosing to use this new kind of packaging. Generally, vacuum bags play an important role in the packaging of salt baked foods, pickles, soy products, meat products, convenience foods, canned soft food and so on.

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